Internet campaign advice and magic

A campaign is an initiative to convince large numbers of people to take a common action. That action could be to lobby for a piece of legislation, buy a product, support a political candidate, or visit a website.

The Internet, with more than one billion people online, may be the best campaign tool ever invented. Every day thousands of Internet campaigners try to convince millions of people to support their campaigns. Some of these campaigns are successful, but many are not.

What makes a successful campaign and what tools are available to make one happen?

Radagast Solutions is run by veteran campaigner Kevin Jardine, who created a Webby award winning activist forum and the 200 thousand subscriber Activist News monthly ezine for Greenpeace International.

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There are articles available on basic Internet campaign tactics, including web video, social networking, rapid campaigns using free websites, marketing your campaign and building a campaign lifecycle. There are more technical articles on mobile phone video, combining web applications, and new open source features for 2008. Finally, there is some theory on Internet election campaigns and successful climate campaigning.

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